Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Choosing His Name

William Daniel Lake

William's name is very special to us.

William is part of my father-in-law's name and Daniel is my father's name.  Our fathers are both men of strength and character.  They love God, love their families, and treat people with compassion and respect.  These are qualities that we admire and we are proud to name our first son after each of them.

The name William means "Will, Desire."  It also means "Helmet, Protection."  We so deeply desired to be parents and William has been a dream come true.  We don't know what the future holds for our family, but William will always be our first child.  We have and will continue to cherish every single moment of his life.  We pray that his body is protected from pain and shielded from suffering.  Our hope is for William to feel safe, comfortable, and deeply loved throughout his life.

We have given you a name of significance because your life is significant.  
You are loved and valued.
You matter so very much, darling boy.
The illness that is harming your body is tragic,
but you are not a tragedy.
You are a precious gift from God
Who has knit you together and knows you inside and out.
We are so very thankful for you, William Daniel.
We love you now and always.



  1. Love William's name...thanks for sharing this post on Walking With You.

  2. thank you for sharing how your little boy was named